RiceUp Studio renews its branding


RiceUp Studio renews its branding

After a long journey of four years, much effort and dedication, we finally  present to you our new corporate image.

For us, this has been one of the most difficult projects to date. Obviously not because of its technical complexity, but because of what it means. As some of you know, we don’t consider ourselves a simple design studio. RiceUp is an attitude towards life, is development and growth, wanting to change the world with small gestures, it’s also passion, effort, social and environmental responsibility, it’s motivation, learning, solidarity, balance, cooperativism and collaboration, growing and letting grow. Wanting to represent all these concepts in a single logo we embarked on a complicated task that was difficult to accomplish.

We finally decided to use of one of our great resources, simplicity. The result is a text based logo, the inclination transmits our desire for change, growth and dynamism.

The corporate color chosen represents vitality and energy. Those who know us from the beginning may have been surprised by this change, since the previous image predominated brown and dark gray. This change exhibits our commitment to renewal and nonconformity.

Today more than ever, RiceUp claims its values with a new fresh and positive image. We hope you like it as much as we do.


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