Vegere is a vegan beauty salon located in Barcelona. They use organic products, which have good quality and are not related to animal exploitation. In Rice Up we did the interior design of the space and we followed the center’s values. Our work is based on three elements: nature, warmness, and sustainability.

The interior design is done to give a warm environment to the center. That is why wood is used as the principal material and combined with glass and iron for the lights and sinks. All the materials used are sustainable and their combination creates a comfortable and relaxing environment to give to the customers of the center. Taking a look to the walls, one of them is left with bricks to create this organic and rural environment accentuated by the decoration with dry flowers and the hydraulic floor. All the details create a proper combination to make the place transmit what the beauty salon offers. 


If you don’t go to the toilet you haven’t seen everything. Leaving the principal room and going through the corridor and to the bathroom, the ambiance doesn’t change, but follows this texture combination using wood and iron. As well adding details that create a natural and organic place. The branch that holds the toilet paper and the whale in the wall are two examples of it.