Paloma Sanchez

Paloma Sanchez is a recognized Jewel Designer and Gemologist, creator of authentic wonders made from precious stones from around the world. According to specialists ranked in 2013 as one of the 30 best jewelry designers. In 2006 she decided to establish her showroom in Beijing, where she continues to develop his activity. Paloma entrusted us to redesign the showroom in search for an emphasis on his works and to create an intimate space to communicate with his clients. Not only did we accept the project, we also take care of renewing her corporate image and part of her online presence.

Paloma was very specific when describing the needs for her Showroom redesign: Emphasize the product and its value, improve the presence of the Paloma Sanchez brand linking her personal style with the corporate image. To achieve this we decided to use a black and a dark gray color scheme for both the image and the interior of the Showroom. The spot lighting emphasizes the jewels, which are distributed in showcases located around the unique and main circulation, presided over by a large central showcase. On the other hand, for the pavement and the table surface, wood was used, which contributed the warm aspect connecting with the customer once it is immersed in the environment. The result is a space that welcomes you to discover each one of the pieces, and to devote the necessary time to appreciate the works of art with which Paloma surprises us.

The logo was designed following the idea of focusing the product on the artist, using her name as the logo’s main element, and in the use of the tagline “The Art of Jewelry”, which describes the essence of Paloma Sanchez work. Jewels that become art. A sober, clean and noticeable image was created. Centering the logo, in both physical and digital media application,  highlights the values of the brand. We would also like to emphasize the abbreviation of the initials of Paloma Sanchez, that optimize the logo in its use for social network as well as small size resolution.