The Spanish Niajo Restaurant in Beijing, valued for its fusion cuisine between traditional and contemporary, and for its exceptional paella, is considered one of the best in China. In 2012, its owner and chef Álex Sánchez, commissioned us to completely redesign the restaurant and its corporate visual identity. At RiceUp we embarked on an exhaustive exhaustive project of interior design, photography and rebranding. A multifaceted venture that placed Niajo in a very much deserved position.

One of the most important pillars of the integral reform of the restaurant was the interior design. With the sober and warm decor, the natural materials, and the combination of direct and indirect lighting, created a unique and absorbing atmosphere. The main intention was to make the client focus the attention on the dishes and the companions, creating a pleasant experience not only for the palate. The use of recycled and reused materials from sustainable sources should be highlighted. The walls, built with demolished bricks of the city itself and the use of discarded ceramics for the creation of the mosaic inspired by Gaudí are just a few examples. With a good customer experience, success is served.

When redesigning the logo, we wanted to keep the essence of the previous one. In this way, we preserve the paella element but as an abstract element inserted in the O of the name.

The typography responds to the organic forms suggested by the Mediterranean and the artisanal work of a restaurant of its category

The menu design followed the same criteria as the other visual identity elements. In this case we wanted to emphasize the variety and color of Mediterranean cuisine. The illustrations created are abstract representations of Spanish cuisine characteristic elements.

Cleanliness, freshness and dynamism. The website was created with a classic and simple structure. We used the vivid colors and clean lines, following the branding created for Niajo. 

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