Logo Collection

Restaurant Niajo. Beijing.

Mediterranean minimalism for Spanish fusion cuisine blending traditional and contemporary style.  Más sobre Niajo

Kök. Barcelona.

In the heart of Barcelona, the Gràcia neighborhood, this exquisite kitchen accessory shop stands out for its style influenced by Swedish minimalism. The logo, following the philosophy of the owners, reflects their style and its singularity, without losing the local essence of the particular neighborhood where it is located.

Championchip. Barcelona.

The benchmark in sports racing timing chips. Elements such as passion and technology are the pillars for the creation. Más sobre Championchip

DS Wines. Beijing.

This small wine distributor in China began its journey in 2011. In less than two years they were consolidated as the indisputable model to follow importing Spanish wines with character. The logo wants to highlight the uniqueness of grapes and their tonalities, and also represent the union of the three partners that make up the company and show the modern and distinctive image in front of the competition.

Bolichín. Barcelona.

Bolichín is the trade name of Babybol exporting to countries like Russia. It is a redesign following the idea of the original original logo of the brand. Más sobre Babybol

SimplicityBio. Switzerland.

SimplicityBio develops algorithms for the search of genetic biomarkers for the study and treatment of diseases.The logo is intended to represent that discovery graphically.   Más sobre SimplicityBio