In charge of timing the most popular races and marathons in Barcelona, Championchip has the lead in race timing services throughout Catalonia. After 15 years of experience, Championchip trusted us with their rebranding project as well as the design and development of their website. This project is still ongoing, we have rebranded their corporate image and started the first phase on their own social network. We are currently developing the last phase of the project, where we are completely remaking their website with interactive location-based features as well as a private social network. 

Only the best can time the fastest

Championchip is present in the most popular amateur and professional races throughout Catalonia, so its image had to reflect security, leadership, endurance and modernity.

RiceUp took care of implementing Championchip’s needs in a clean and powerful proposition. Branding values were represented through color schemes, typography and shapes.

In keeping with the company’s established yellow chromatic identity, schemes are revised and specified. The typography, wide, italic and sharp, conveys Championchip values to perfection and the imagotype iterates on the original but with preciser and more proportionate dimensions.  

Technological Innovation for runners

Thanks to Championchip’s technology and RiceUp’s expertise in creating user based experiences, has been developed. This app not only reports timing and results in racing, but also connects athletes through a Social Network fostering competitiveness and personal growth.

We relied on three fundamental premises while designing the application: the speed of service necessary for the natural immediacy of interaction from mobile devices, mainly smartphones; minimalism of use to simplify the complexity and magnitude of the tool; and of course fidelity to Championchip’s image and values. has become the frontrunner app for this type of events.

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