All Against Ebola

Doctors Without Borders entrusted us with the development of an educational application for web and android devices intended to help fight Ebola in Africa. 

When analyzing the project we decided on creating a gamified system that would synthesize available information, helping prevent the spread of the virus and elaborating upon the most effective course of action in case of contagion. We created the story of Kunlen and Rita to solve the questions arising when facing the disease. We developed a linear dynamic in which the characters could choose where to help and how to exert effective improvement actions to prevent contagion. This narrative successfuclly conveyed key messages to an array of affected communities.

All Against Ebola is a gamified adventure to learn about Ebola. 

The result was the design of an adventure in which Kunlen and Rita travel through different points of the city, engrossed in their own story while helping their community, answering questions and acquiring experience points to reach the highest knowledge level.

RiceUp conceived, designed, illustrated and developed the entire game as a responsive application for Android mobiles and tablets, as well as a web based port. This allowed us to reach the largest number of affected communities in West Africa.

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