Commited to the world,
beyond ecodesign

We are a group born of the economic crisis, aware of the problems generated towards the planet by our current lifestyle and our society, and within this context we decided to rebel.


It’s not what we do,
its how and with whom we do it

At RiceUp we are increasingly specialized in clients that bring social or environmental value to their business, and whose ethical principles align with our own.

Furthermore, we volunteer towards work for non-profit organizations that promote a sustainable lifestyle, so that together we may better spread our message.

We know where our money is going

We do not want our earnings to go towards financing ethically questionable activities, which is why our accounts are established on ethical banks and we donate all accrued interest to social causes. We also encourage the relationship between small businesses, accepting social currency, engaging in service exchange and choosing local providers whenever possible.

More than commited to the environment

Design can only be truly sustainable if it takes into account the real impact of the whole manufacturing and usage of the product. In all our projects we follow methods to evaluate the life cycle of products and services intending to lessen their environmental impact. We also apply strict policies such as using exclusively recycled chemical-free paper, printing with vegetable inks, reducing printed matter, forgoing single-use elements, reusing all the waste we generate, composting and manufacturing with recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Growing our cause

We became a cooperative with the intent of creating a more horizontal organizational structure and a fairer distribution of wealth. We are a federated cooperative and we are part of the XES (Network of Social Economy), which encourages the relationship between people and companies within our sector. RiceUp also reinvests all profits in promoting and communicating our cause.


Every year we participate in the campaign “Ensenya el cor” by publicizing our social balance, in order to provide transparency of our activity and help us improve year by year.

This tool allows us to quantify aspects of our organization such as the environmental impact, our commitment with ethical finances, the salary fork and parity, internal democracy and the occupational well-being in our cooperative.

Download 2018 Balance

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