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RiceUp is a multidisciplinary creative studio in Barcelona. We make ideas and companies grow with design, creativity and sustainability. We create user based experiences through visual communication and technology.

The RiceUp group was born in 2011 in China, and thanks to our eagerness to reinvent ourselves as professionals we’ve become consolidated as a studio capable of facing customer challenges of all profiles.

In 2015 we became a Cooperative Society, a more horizontal and democratic type of company, that values a fairer society, respect for the ecosystem and the environment.

Currently, our clients increasingly represent these values, most of them being cultural entities, non-profit organizations, scientific research companies and even “Slow Food” restaurants.

We at RiceUp believe we can change the world.

We do not only design to sell more, but to add value to the projects we carry out. Nothing is meaningless and we try to add sustainability criteria in all our work.

This button is not green by chance.

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Interdisciplinarity isn’t only a difficult word to pronounce.

RiceUp made of creative people from several disciplines, we all join forces to create unique experiences.

Our group consists of Designers, Programmers, Interior Designers, Photographers, Advertisers and Illustrators. As you see, all of us are into artistry.

Meet us

Fito Rodríguez

Creative Director

Interior Design and User Experience

Carlos Navarro

Technical Director and Programmer

Nora Soler

Communication director

UI & UX Designer


Our team has worked for

We offer these services and much more

We study your idea and build the corporate visual identity that you need.

We ellaborate corporate image, logos, posters, books and magazines, as well as advertising for any physical or digital media. 

We illustrate and make the packaging for all kinds of products.

We design, plan and manage of comprehensive reforms, and the creation of stands for fairs and events.

We believe that the physical space is not only important for the image of a company but also for the subsequent development of its activity, thanks to the power it exerts on the client and the workers themselves.

We develop any type of application, responsive website, e-learning module, as well as applications for Apple devices and Android.

We design your project by studying the usability and user experience as the basis for a functional and scalable design.

We are experts in WordPress, Drupal, Magento, among others.

Our team creates quality photographs for professionals and individuals.

We photograph events, products and people, working on site or in our studio.

We create corporate videos, promotional videos and reports, we use advanced lighting, time-lapse and stop-motion techniques.


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